Bios Urn For Pets

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Bios Urn is much more than an urn — it’s a catalyst for life.

Bios Urn is the living urn that lets your loved one, become a tree when they die. It is a biodegradable urn made for ashes, so you can regenerate life, after life. You can plant your Bios Urn anywhere so you always have a place to go get comfort from your loved one and have that special place to be with them. 

It is made using 100% biodegradable materials, and is respectful to the environment in all the ways possible. Built with a special capsule that meets the needs of any type of tree, it’s the perfect medium to allow for the proper growth of a tree when planted with the remains of your loved one.

The decisions are completely up to you. Bios Urn gives you the opportunity to use any seedling of your choice, to truly personalise the experience. 


Please note: seedlings and plants aren't included. Please consult with your local garden centre or nursery for the best seedling for your climate conditions.