Bios Urn

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Bios Urn lets your loved one transform into a tree when they pass.

Grow a living memory. 


The Bios Urn is a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert you into a tree after life. Built with a special capsule that meets the needs of any type of tree, it’s the perfect medium to allow for the proper growth. When the urn is buried the seedling grows in the top section and its roots grow down through the ashes, as the Bios Urn biodegrades.  

Your Bios Urn comes complete with the urn capsule, instructions, and growing medium. You just need to purchase the perfect seedling that will reflect your loved one and your environment. 

Product Information:

- 100% biodegradable

- Made of organic materials (no chemicals) 

- Weight: 28 ounces (800gr)

- Size: 160mm x 350mmm

 Please note: seedlings and plants aren't included. Please consult with your local garden centre or nursery for the best seedling for your climate condition.