Bios Urn For Pets

Bios Urns aren't only for humans - they're also used as a respectful and environmentally friendly method of honouring your passed pet. Made to be 100% bio-degradable, Bios Urn utilised ashes as a means for life. 

Not only are you helping the environment with your urn selection, but you will also be helping your grieving process. 


 Doesn't harm the environment.

  Ease the grieving of children and family members by explaining how Bios Urn has generated new life from them.

 Your pet is still close by, just in another form.

 Freedom to choose whichever seedling or plant you wish, to best represent their memory.  

The Bios Urn does not require all of the ashes to grow. Use as many or as few ashes as you like, leaving you free to use the remainder however you wish. 



Bios Urns are available to purchase on our Online Store.  


'The whole family was involved; putting in the ashes, then the dirt, and very carefully planting the seed.'