What's included in the Bios Urn box?

The Bios Urn box includes a Bios Urn, soil growth medium, and instructions for planting.

What is in the growth medium?

35% coarse sand 65% peat moss. This fertiliser is incredibly fine, with a particle size less than 2mm – ensuring optimal distribution throughout the mix.

What is the size of the urn?

The box size is 16cm x16cm x 32cm and weighs .85kg. The Bios Urn has been designed to hold all the ashes after the process of cremation. The capacity of the urn is 2.6kgs. 

Does it have expiration date?

The Bios Urn does not have an expiration date. We recommend storing the urn in a dry place away from extreme heat or humidity. 

Are the materials safe to bury in the soil?

Yes, the Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable, and made with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives.  

How do I plant a seed or seedling in my Bios Urn?

The urn is divided into two separate capsules: the upper capsule is a sealed unit to ensure the condition of the seed until it begins to sprout and the lower capsule is where ashes are stored. Fill the lower cone of the urn with the ashes. Close it with the top capsule, and place the seed or seedling inside the capsule. 

You can plant your urn in a small plant pot then transplant it to its final location as it grows.  

How do I plant my Bios Urn in the ground?

Before you bury the urn in the ground, mix the components with some soil from where you want your tree to grow. 

When planted, the top of the Bios Urn should be planted about 3-5 cm below the soil surface. Once planted, make sure the seed has the appropriate water and sunlight. 

Can I use Bios Urn with stored ashes?

Bios Urn can be used with ashes saved from another urn. If you already have the ashes in your house, you may purchase the urn and transfer the ashes into it. You can also bring the Bios Urn to a crematorium or funeral home so they can transfer the ashes for you. Please note, we are not involved in the transferring process. 

Can I use only a small amount of ash?

Yes, the Bios Urn works with any amount of ashes. 

Can I plant a flower or bush instead of a tree?

Absolutely, the choice is yours. The Bios Urn has full seed compatibility, and can be used with any seeds. We always recommend using seedlings or local tree species, to ensure growth. Please message us if you have questions regarding seed choices, or inquire at a local nursery to see what options are best suited for your location.

Can the Bios Urn be used for pets?

Yes. The Bios Urn is compatible with human and pet ashes.

What if my tree dies?

The Bios Urn is designed in a way that is easy to manage and ensures growth. In order to ensure that your tree will grow healthy, make sure it receives adequate water and sunlight, and select a tree suited to your environment. If your tree does not grow, you can plant additional seeds beneath the surface of the soil.    

Is it legal to plant my Bios Urn anywhere?

Please check with local authorities, but usually your urn can be planted wherever it is legal to plant a tree, including your backyard. We recommend natural environments, like gardens, backyards, forests, or parks. Prior authorisation may be required for some of these options. Some regions and councils regulate the use of cremation ashes and they may offer services and permits so that people can scatter ashes in gardens, forests or the sea.

Are traditional cemeteries willing to bury this type of urn?

More traditional cemeteries are offering it as an option, however you need inquire with your local cemetery or council.



How much does Bios Urn cost?

The Bios Urn is $199 NZD (+ GST), or two for $378 NZD (+ GST). 

How can I pay in the online shop?

We accept all payment types - bank account transfer, credit or debit card payment (Braintree or PayPal) and PayPal.



What's the price and timeframe for delivery?

Delivery and shipping is free. You can expect to receive your Bios Urn between 3 - 5 working days within New Zealand, and between 10 - 12 working days in Australia. 

How far do you send the Bios Urn?

We ship throughout New Zealand and Australia. And the best part? It's free!



How can I become distributor?

If you're a wholesaler, a retailer, or provide related services, and you'd like to supply the Bios Urn, please email shayne@afterleaf.nz.




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