Grieve Through Growth

Find peace and beauty by celebrating the life of your loved one with a Bios Urn.


Comforting Strength of Nature

Let your loved one be your your shelter, your strength, your comfort.


Cherish Their Memory

Have a place to remember your loved one and celebrate their life with nature.


Remembering With Nature

Celebrate the life of your loved one with a Bios Urn. Create a place of shelter, strength, and beauty by growing and nurturing a tree that becomes a symbol of love for your family, whānau, and friends.

Bios Urn transforms your loved one's ashes into a tree. Plant a seedling or seed in the urn with the special growing mix provided. The unique urn design holds the ashes underneath for the tree to grow and develop through. Complete the cycle with love and growth. 

Bios Urn

Bios Urn is more than an urn — find your comforting place. Celebrate the life of your loved one with a Bios Urn.

  • Everything You Need

    Your Bios Urn comes complete with the urn capsule, instructions, and growing medium. You just need to purchase the perfect seedling that will reflect your loved one and your environment.

  • Personal And Unique

    Purchase a seedling or seed that best represents your loved one and your environment. Bios Urns don't require all of the ashes either - you can still distribute them amongst family for their own Bios Urns.

  • From Little Things, Big Things Grow

    If your plant is starting to outgrow the Bios Urn, simply plant the urn outside in a special place in your garden. Bios Urns are 100% biodegradable, and will compost as the tree grows. 


'It didn't have that permanent, metal feeling. It wasn't hard, it wasn't something that was supposed to be permanent. It was something that was really just a conduit for something else, it's a catalyst for growth.'

'And so she is here with us in her garden. As life cycles on her micro organisms are one with the tree, and she is there growing with the tree and with all of us.'

'I no longer focus on Sabre’s passing as being the final stage of his life, as I am spending quality time with him every afternoon. The Bios Urn has really helped me through my grieving process and has given me a sense of relief, closure and comfort. Now I am able to see Sabre flourish into a beautiful natural tree, leaf by leaf.'

'When it came in the mail, I thought "Wow, this is pretty cool." Just bury me in the ground, she'll pick out a seed for a tree, and I can be with her, forever.'

'I'm 23 now, and by the time I'm 50 it's going to be a completely different size. It will be growing with me, in the same way that a person would.'

'It just seemed like such a beautiful idea - instead of just putting your ashes on a mantel or throwing them out in the ocean, you could do something with them... create something with them, that you can look out at and remember your loved one.'