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Bios Urn

Bios Urn lets your loved one transform into a tree when they pass.
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Keep the memory of your loved one alive in a way that can be cherished through generations. Like a tree, your loved one had roots with their family and friends. The life they created was not one that should be forgotten.

Their roots were important to you and so many, which is why keeping their memory alive is something so close to your heart. Allow those roots to be planted somewhere you can always see them. By planting a Bios Urn, the memory of your loved one can live on for years to come.

Unlike traditional burials, Afterleaf is a continual celebration of their life through nature. Once the urn is planted, you can watch and care for a piece of nature, knowing the true meaning behind it.

Imagine the feeling of looking out at a tree and remembering your loved one, knowing you can never forget them.


Traditional burials are not only polluting our planet, but only offer a few moments of remembrance. Wanting to protect our planet and the memory of our loved ones is the reason Afterleaf was created.

Through our mission to create forests instead of cemeteries, our 100% biodegradable Bios urn protects the planet. It stops embalming fluid’s toxic chemicals from entering the earth. It grows into a tree that supplies oxygen and life for those around it.

Afterleaf makes the earth, the air, and all of us healthier. We’re doing our part to give you a sustainable way to protect the memory of your loved one.

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    Delivery for your urn is completely free and will arrive between 3-5 business days.


    Choose a plant or seedling that best represents your loved one.


    Grow and nurture a tree that becomes a living memory for your family.


Our Bios urn is fully biodegradable and made with life in mind. Constructed with materials such as coconut shell, compacted peat, and cellulose, our urns contain no glues or chemical additives.

The list of organic ingredients ensures that the urn is respectful to the environment as it degrades. You have many choices when it comes to burying a loved one or spreading their ashes. Our urns give you the choice to choose nature and ongoing life as your tree flourishes.

Through its unique design, our urns have the capability to give new life to the ashes of your loved one. By creating life after death, your loved one will be remembered long after they’ve departed, while honoring our Earth and your journey of remembrance in the process.

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What's included in the Bios Urn box?

The Bios Urn box includes a Bios Urn, soil growth medium, and instructions for planting.

Does it have expiration date?

The Bios Urn does not have an expiration date. We recommend storing the urn in a dry place away from extreme heat or humidity. 

What is in the growth medium?

35% coarse sand 65% peat moss. This fertiliser is incredibly fine, with a particle size less than 2mm – ensuring optimal distribution throughout the mix.

What is the size of the urn?

The box size is 16cm x16cm x 32cm and weighs .85kg. The Bios Urn has been designed to hold all the ashes after the process of cremation. The capacity of the urn is 2.6kgs. 

Are the materials safe to bury in the soil?

Yes, the Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable, and made with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

How do I plant a seed or seedling in my Bios Urn?

The urn is divided into two separate capsules: the upper capsule is a sealed unit to ensure the condition of the seed until it begins to sprout and the lower capsule is where ashes are stored. Fill the lower cone of the urn with the ashes. Close it with the top capsule, and place the seed or seedling inside the capsule. 

You can plant your urn in a small plant pot then transplant it to its final location as it grows.  

How do I plant my Bios Urn in the ground?

Before you bury the urn in the ground, mix the components with some soil from where you want your tree to grow. 

When planted, the top of the Bios Urn should be planted about 3-5 cm below the soil surface. Once planted, make sure the seed has the appropriate water and sunlight. 

Can I use Bios Urn with stored ashes?

Bios Urn can be used with ashes saved from another urn. If you already have the ashes in your house, you may purchase the urn and transfer the ashes into it. You can also bring the Bios Urn to a crematorium or funeral home so they can transfer the ashes for you. Please note, we are not involved in the transferring process.

Can the Bios Urn be used for pets?

Yes. The Bios Urn is compatible with human and pet ashes.

Is it legal to plant my Bios Urn anywhere?

Please check with local authorities, but usually your urn can be planted wherever it is legal to plant a tree, including your backyard. We recommend natural environments, like gardens, backyards, forests, or parks. Prior authorisation may be required for some of these options. Some regions and councils regulate the use of cremation ashes and they may offer services and permits so that people can scatter ashes in gardens, forests or the sea.